Why It Is Important to Have Work Friends
17 August, 2018 in Career Advice

If you have work friends, you are a lucky person. To say more, it may be fundamental for your success in the company. Since you spend most of your time at work, your being there should be made as comfortable as possible. When you do not have any work friends, more so, if you simply hate people you work with, your working process will be tough. It will be harder and harder each day to get through. On the contrary, when you enjoy the atmosphere in the workplace and when you derive great pleasure communicating with people there, you will be happier and more effective in your tasks.

Still, before you exchange friendship bracelets, there are a few tips to remember as you decide to find a work friend.  

How To Make Friends At Work

Do not induce boss-employee friendship

Regardless of the fact how much you have in common with your boss, he/ she is never your work buddy. Maintain the boundaries here: your boss is your boss. Do not involve in informal relationships with him/ her. Here do not get overly critical: you can still talk about different private matters or ask him/ her how he/ she spent the vacation whatsoever. However, when picking subjects to discuss, be more apprehensive. The same is about reporting on your tasks: do not do it in an informal or overly amicable manner. Maintain the principles of hierarchy at work. The bonds between you should be based on mutual trust, respect, and responsibility.

Be polite and mindful

Your friends at work may live in the same community as you or they may come from the place you have never heard about. Regardless of their life philosophy and principles, make sure to be considerate and respect them. 

If you become friends with someone, you should mind their preferences and tastes. Do not be prone to discrimination when it comes to lifestyle, habits, philosophy, etc. Be flexible to his/ her routine when it comes to organizing some meeting together or speaking about going out for a lunch. If you know that your colleague friend has children and he/ she has to pick them up after the working day, be sure not to suggest any plans at that time. Respect others’ boundaries. The same is about habits and preferences: if your friend is a vegetarian, do not suggest going to the restaurant something like “Meat and Wine”, etc. or, if your friends avoids eating sweets and drinking sugary drinks, do not bring him/ her for a cola and a cake. 

Do not form cliques

Despite the fact that most working people are mature adults, some of them are still prone to repeat their teenage behavior. It becomes especially evident when they start making cliques just as in the high school. It seems ridiculous when you do that in an office. So, if you prefer to hang out only with certain people or go out only with a specific group of people, you prevent yourself from adequate socialization with others. Such mode of behavior leads to subsequent alienation from the other colleagues. It may even negatively impact your working process in the office, especially if your work entails team work from time to time.

Be yourself

Many people tend to make others like them. To do it, they are ready to go to great lengths, particularly to pretend to be some other person with other tastes and preferences. What could we say? This is a bad idea if you are wondering how to make friends at work. Just imagine that you will have to pretend each day throughout the whole time you work here. Such behavior may even impact your overall perception of yourself and, as a result, your view of yourself will be distorted. 

True and honest friendship forms in circumstances when people are on the same wavelengths and when they do not pretend they are somebody else. Moreover, pretending is not a good option as you will definitely interact with your work friends beyond the office, so you do not want to surprise people with your authentic way of conduct. 

If you cannot be on good terms totally with everyone when you are yourself, then it is perfectly OK. All people are different, so try to communicate closer with those who you feel comfortable with. 

Do not be in a rush with finding friends

Sometimes, you find friends really quickly, whereas sometimes it can time to get to know a person and establish friendly and close relationship with him/ her. So, do not panic if you have worked for a few months in the company and have not found a dozen of friends yet. Also do not rush if you have decided to invite the whole office for your birthday party after you have worked for a few weeks with them. Such hasty decisions may even ruin your further reputation as a worker. 

These tips will hopefully help you understand why are friends important, so you will take up the best strategy for yourself to find your work-mates.

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