Say to Yourself, “I Will Make My Perfect Resume!”
12 July, 2018 in Resumes & Cover Letters

Are you searching everywhere with the question “How My Perfect Resume Should Look Like?” Do you not know what things need to be mentioned in a good resume? Have no idea how to make your resume stand out from the crowd? If you are nodding now with the confirmation, you are in the right place. Indeed, writing a good resume is an art that requires much time and efforts. Keep reading our effective guide and you will get answers to many questions about resume writing and learn how to write the best resume ever.

There are multiple things to consider when writing a truly effective and functional resume. We assure you that it takes just a few seconds for a hiring manager to take the “fit” or “no fit” decision. Therefore, if you want to be invited to the job interview, your resume should be truly impressive and flawless. You should dedicate a few hours or even days for building a perfect resume to ensure that you included the information worth attention.

How to Make the Perfect Resume? 

First and foremost, think about what makes you different from the other candidates? What are your career objectives? Do you consider yourself a good fit for this position? In other words, you need to create a brand of “Your Name” and start a personal branding campaign. Keep in mind that the CV, along with the resume, is a marketing document that makes the potential employer want to meet the candidate or decline his/her candidacy. You may try to write a short summary, in which you will include at least three reasons why you are a perfect fit for this position and what the company will get if they hire you. A short summary will help you understand what points you need to promote in your resume. These facts are the essential characteristics of your personal brand!

10 Tips for a Good Resume Writing

In your resume, tell your personal story mentioning your previous career path, the career plans from the onset, as well as education. If you decided to change your career, feel free to mention about it along with your reasons and motivation. However, your story should not be too long and boring. Instead, focus on the key accomplishments and experience received on the previous positions. We assure you that the hiring manager does not have much time to dedicate it to the reading your resume and cover letter. 

Do not ask someone to write your resume for you. Certainly, no one knows you better than you do. Create your resume totally from scratch. Of course, if you do not know what does a good resume look like you can use the pre-written resume templates available on the web, but your resume should be totally authentic and original and reveal your own personality. When the resume is written, you may ask someone “Help me proofread my perfect resume” and this person will review it for the possible mistakes or inconsistencies.

Before writing the perfect resume, study carefully the company`s website, as well as the job advertisement. Try to understand their philosophical approaches since it will help you understand the direction in which you will move towards reaching your goals. Mirroring the meaningful phrases from the job description will have a positive effect, so you can freely use this trick. Also, you may use LinkedIn to find the powerful words that would characterize you as an employee and as an individual.

All careers have specific peculiarities. It means that a teacher`s resume will be totally different from the resume of a top manager. Consider this point. As such, the design and the content of your resume greatly depend on the position you apply for. If you feel uncertain about some points, feel free to find the great examples of the resumes in your area of interest and check how a good resume should look like. If you apply to several positions, do not use one resume for all of them. Undoubtedly, you can keep the essential information, but you have to rewrite them to make each resume a perfect fit for a certain position.

Format your resume properly. Undoubtedly, the content of your resume is the most important aspect; however, the poor formatting will significantly reduce your chances to be invited to the job interview. Put your contact information on the top, side, or the bottom of the page. Do not use long and meaningless sentences. A resume has nothing in common with an academic essay. The hiring manager will not have much time to read them and he/she may just skip the essentially important details. To emphasize the important information, you may play with colors, shades, and fonts but do not forget that your resume is not a coloring book. All in all, your resume should be attractive and eye-catching. Use the bullet points to tell about your key accomplishments and responsibilities. What is more, when telling about your education and previous careers, be sure to put everything in the chronological order. The length of your resume should correspond with the years of your experience. Do not forget to include all awards. Even if you believe that they are not meaningful, awards are awards.

Play with your resume. Try to show your best experience and best qualities. If your experience is too long, do not overburden your resume with it but choose the most relevant aspects. Putting too many jobs on your resume, especially if they are not relevant to the position you apply for, is a particularly wrong approach. All these jobs will tell your potential employer nothing about you. The same rule goes for education. 

Undoubtedly, this photo taken in Barcelona last summer is great and it will always remind you of the unforgettable trip to Spain. However, we assure you that this photo is not the best choice for your resume. Even if you think that you look very happy and positive at this photo. Even if you want to edit the photo or change it with some program, forget about it. Seriously. The photo should be formal. Not all resumes require a photo, but it is still a common standard in many countries.

Be honest in your resume. First and foremost, everyone will learn the truth sooner or later. If you do not know German, though it is mentioned in the advertisement, do not even try to lie. Second, the untruthful information will confuse you and the job interview will reveal all your weaknesses. Again, the false information will significantly spoil the reputation of your personal brand. 

Keep in mind that your resume is just the summary of the most important data of your education and previous career growth. It is you, who decided what information you want to share with your employer. This piece of paper aims basically to sell you to this company and open the eyes of the hiring manager on your strength and potential. However, describing your strengths and painting your previous experience in bright colors, do not forget to stay yourself since this quality is also much appreciated by any employer. It goes without saying that your resume should be free of any grammar and spelling errors.

Remember that not having a perfect career path is not an obstacle for the determined and goal oriented person. It is also not an obstacle for the employer to hire you. Everything depends on your resume, on the job interview, as well as your ability to present yourself. The ultimate goal of every resume is to set an interview with the company representative. So, try to grab the reader`s attention so that he/she could say “We need you.”

The application consists not only of one resume. It should also include a cover letter, an optional title page, as well as the diplomas, and job references. It would be great if you could put everything into one PDF file. Name this file by your name and send to the hiring manager. Voila! Your application is ready.

How to Create My Perfect Resume?

In conclusion, if you do not know how to craft a good resume, it is not a problem. If you really need this job, you have to apply much time and efforts to create an effective piece that will reveal your personality from the best side. Follow our effective tips and we assure you that everything is possible. All you need to do is just to dedicate enough time and efforts to the process of resume writing.


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