Resume Proofreading Tips for Quality Resumes
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Learn the basics of resume proofreading with the following tips

If you are now busy searching for a job, you have all chances to encounter such (or a similar) phrase as “effective written and oral communication skills” in the list of job competencies for the desired position. Regardless of what HR managers or recruiters mean with this phrase, the potential candidates should be well aware that they should demonstrate excellent written and oral communication, namely speak fluently and write perfectly. Writing a resume is actually what helps your potential employers evaluate these skills. Therefore, make sure you not only spend sufficient time on writing but also on proper resume proofreading. Whether you fit for the job and whether you are a valued candidate will be decided based on your resume. Make sure you ensure correct spelling of resume because some silly typos may really spoil your recruiters’ impression of you. Often spelling or structural mistakes cost the job for most candidates.

Resume Proofreading Tips

Print out the resume

When you edit resume, it is easier to do it as a hard copy. It is hard for our brains to perceive words on screen with so many details and punctuation marks. As soon as you have edited the resume on your laptop, still it is advisable to print it out and look through the spelling and structure again. As an option, you might even print out the document in bigger fonts that are more legible and which can help you easier spot the mistakes. As an option, instead of Times New Roman font, try experimenting with Calibri or Arial in print. Such proofreading tips will help you spot mistakes that you would have otherwise missed. In case you set your mind on using such resume tips, make sure to copy the document and make sure the font of the second copy is the needed one that you need for proper format. 

Use a marker, a colored pen or a highlighted to comment or mark the changes that need to be done after the spelling check. 

Read the resume aloud (preferable backwards)

As you are reading backwards, you perceive not the text as a unit but as its separate constituents (words, phrases, sentences) that have no logical coherence. It is so easy to overlook mistakes in text because when you start reading it, you perceive it is a separate entity with its own message and meaning. Thus, it seems to you that everything is OK. However, as you are involved in improving your resume backwards, you will spot many more inconsistencies, especially what concerns grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  

Ask your friends to help you

How great it is to have a friend who is good at resume spelling and structure. Ask your friend to have a look at your resume. It is important to get an objective opinion on your piece of writing. You will surely not want for missing punctuation or improper spelling to spoil your resume and the impression on the admission committee. 

When asking someone to help with the resume, make sure your helper does not review the resume for more than a minute. Remember that there is a rule of six seconds for the recruiters to decide which resume is suitable and which is not. Make sure that someone of unrelated field takes a look at the resume. Ask him/her whether the information provided on the resume is clear for understanding. If there are some remarks on the structure, for example, if the resume is has no subheadings in bold or if the information is poorly structured in bullet points whatsoever, then make sure you work on building a resume that fits all standards. 

Do far more than a mere spell check

Despite the numerous technological advancements and the appearance of special software aimed to spot and correct mistakes, the number of them has not decreased at all. The fact that many students rely mainly on these software checkers (whether grammar or spelling) only increases the number of mistakes and makes the resumes and other academic papers of mediocre quality. 

Seek help from an expert resume-review service

If you are wondering how to improve your resume then, seek professional help from experts. There are many online writing and editing services that help you improve your writing and make any document of excellent quality. All you have to do is to place an order, provide a paper description, and then upload the document you want to be edited and proofread. Apart from checking the paper for correctness, it will be scanned via anti-plagiarism software in order to ensure that the paper is original and authentic. 

If you are struggling with providing quality writing, do not hesitate: just seek help from the resume-writing services.

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