Job Opportunities Abroad without Experience: How to Make a Step Forward to Your Dream
18 July, 2018 in Job Search Tips

Getting a job abroad is not only a desired and memorable experience in your life – it is also an invaluable asset to your resume when you set your mind on settling down and selecting a contemporary job. As a student, you might get a variety of job opportunities abroad without experience, so grab this chance and try out your luck. This experience will add up to the list of assets you will have by graduation. Even if you apply for jobs abroad that have little relation to your professional sphere, it will still open up many opportunities for you to getting an international job. As a rule, even job opportunities abroad without experience enable you to master some new sets of soft and hard skills as well as become more flexible in the workplace. Moreover, you will greatly improve your level of foreign language and acquire some new knowledge and cross-cultural competence. So, if you can easily find work abroad, do it! 

To ease your preparation process, we have gathered a few tips on how to find a job in another country:

  • Get precise information about the country entry, work permits, and visas

Even if you intend to use job opportunities abroad without experience, make sure you clarify everything about work permits and the process of getting a visa. Therefore, if you want to work abroad, be ready that you will have to spend a lot of time on planning and gathering necessary documents for your visa and the subsequent country entry. Also make sure to specify how much time you can be granted to stay in a foreign country.

  • Research the costs of living abroad

Make sure you consider all financial aspects of your trip and the very details of working abroad. Clarify what salary you will receive and make sure it is sufficient for living there. Investigate the prices for accommodation, eating, and other expenditures and compare it to the wages you will get. If your main job cannot cover all the expenses, think twice whether you need to work overseas and gain experience under such conditions. If the work schedule allows you to search for another part-time job simultaneously, you might as well do it.

  • Get to know how to find a job abroad and perfect accommodation for yourself

If you want to work in a specific country or a particular city, make sure you research in advance the most fundamental details about working and living abroad. If you plan to look for a job after you arrive in the country, make sure you have a place to live and are sure there will be vacancies of interest for you. Make sure you check out information about the transport system, the budget, and probably some places of interest. 

  • Check how much free time you will have off work

Probably one of the core reasons why you dream of working in a foreign country is because you would like to get acquainted with a new culture. However, working and knocking around are different things. When finding a job abroad, make sure you specify how many days off you will have and how long will your working day last. On the stage of searching for a job, it might not be an aspect of top priority. However, as you move on, you will see that you need time to wander around and explore new places. 

  • Learn about the culture of the country you are planning to travel to

Travelling to a foreign country for vacation and for work are two strikingly different things. When you are on vacation, the country and the lifestyle there seems awesome and impeccable as you are actually not engaged in some routine things as money-making, tax paying, and finding the most convenient ways of commuting whatsoever. Therefore, the best advice here is to come and visit the place where you would like to work before you actually move there and ask yourself whether you would like to stay for a longer time and work there. 

  • Explore what opinions the locals have concerning jobs in their country

Work culture differs from one country to another. Working in another country may be totally different from your traditional perception of a workplace. Some cultures have a really formal and serious approach to working. Moreover, there are cultures that prefer written communication in the workplace whereas some other cultures may prefer direct face-to-face interaction when solving some issues. Make sure you research the way of handling business before getting a job in another country. 

  • Master your skills in writing CVs and preparing cover letters

Once you have got more familiar with the process of finding a workplace abroad, it is time to switch over to some preparation stage, i.e. the composition of a CV, a resume, and a cover letter. Investigate the peculiarities of the research area or industry you plan to work in. Afterwards, write a resume according to the area specialty or adjust your previously written resume to match the requirements.

  • Get information about certifications and diplomas

When applying for a job in a foreign country, you may be asked for some specific certificates or diplomas that are not awarded in your home country. As such, take care of which additional certificates that prove your knowledge of some area you can get before applying for a job. 

  • Be ready for differences

When talking about working abroad, many people paint a pretty picture in their minds: new culture, lots of fun, new acquaintances, endless opportunities for self-development and enjoyment, etc. However, alongside with that, be ready to face some negative aspects, such as homesickness, culture shock, insufficient language proficiency, ineffective communication, lack of mutual understanding, etc. 

  • Just in case: design plan B

We are definitely for positive thinking and positive vibes BUT bad things happen, so make sure they do not strike you unexpectedly. If you have travelled to some unknown place, you probably know that it is better to have another plan of action. Therefore, make sure you think of alternative option where you are going to live if you have some troubles with accommodation whatsoever. Besides, it is advisable to prepare some extra budget in case you have some difficulties or financial troubles. 

If not now, then when? Go for your dream right now. 


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