I Hate My Job! It Is High Time to Change Everything
9 July, 2018 in Career Advice

Only in few instances, people say how happy they are at work, and nine out of ten would say with irritation, “I hate my job”. They refuse to talk about the things which time because this activity annoys them. At the same time, some prefer to have unending chatter about terrible bosses, boring tasks, tiresome work, and no joy. Hundreds of complaints! It is ok to have an awful day at work. It is normal to be unwilling to get up early in the morning to start another working day. However, it is wrong to shudder with disgust every time when it goes about your job. If you are afraid of Mondays and you are at the verge of a nervous breakdown every Friday, you are in trouble.  

It is a must to get to know what to do when you hate your job because this negative feeling ruins you from inside. Your continuous dissatisfaction makes you miserable, so it is time to stop all that immediately. 

What is your first thought when you think about a way out of an unfavorable situation at your work? You are unhappy; so if you quit job, everything will be ok. Your attitude is the fault of your boss, bad co-workers or your parents. Nevertheless, have you tried to get control over your feelings? 

There are people known as serial job hoppers. They go to interviews, get new jobs, get disappointed, and before they understand all the issues related to this workplace, they log onto LinkedIn again in search for changes.

It is clear that it is possible to feel miserable at work; and if the environment is unbearable, it is not reasonable to stay. However, if the main reason for leaving is being bored or underestimated by your boss or colleagues, it is time to be honest. Something is wrong with your attitude; and only if you change yourself, your life will change as well. 

Yes, you are unhappy at work! Still, let us look beyond your feelings and try to get an insight about what is going on. There are three possible ways of ruining your happiness at work. Realizing which of them is yours, you will be able to say, “Yes, I hate my job, but I know how to cope with that.”

Your goals are completely wrong

Your motivation depends on right goals in each life area. Whatever task you start: losing weight, getting a promotion, learning to dance flamenco, or any other, you have to realize why you want to achieve this. It is not enough to do something because it is your set goal. You can be successful only if your goals are right. 

One of your co-workers strives for getting a position of the department supervisor and your friend is eager to get a pay rise this month; it is clear, but your aspirations can be different from theirs, and that is normal. If you are not happy at work, you are chasing the wrong dreams. You will definitely lose your motivation and stop struggling if you do something that you are not interested in. Then you will go to the office daily only because you have to. Your strong will can help you cope with the tasks, but ask a question, “In professional terms, where do I see myself in five years?” “When do I feel happy at work?” “What makes me satisfied?” “Is it time to stop saying how much I hate my job?”

Now, start making a list of what can be done to achieve what you really need. 

Your focus is not on building up your following 

Having “followers” is not always about social media and networks. Think about the environments you have been in during the previous years. Have you been a part of a team where you could feel supported? Was it the support from your colleagues or your boss? How did you feel there? Feeling miserable at work, you can achieve little. However, if there is a group of people who care about you, encourage you to improve, make you laugh, and create a favorable atmosphere, your job will never look boring to you. 

A lot of employees complain about lack of support and friendliness in the working environment, but they never ask how to stop being miserable and contribute to the work dynamics. You have to act as a team player if you want to work in the community of friendly people. You have to earn the collaboration and support by being likeable and supportive. To tell the truth, when your job makes you miserable, is there some of your fault?

Changing the situation will definitely require certain effort and work from your side. However, it is a generally accepted fact that a miserable worker is never satisfied with the team he or she works with. On the contrary, one is happy at work if they are liked by the team and respect others. When you say, “I feel trapped in my job”, think whether you can help your co-worker with his project due next week. Can you ask another colleague for lunch to see what kind of a person she is? After a long day at work, isn’t it a good idea to go out with your colleagues for just an hour? Start with those little challenges, and you will see the difference.

You act as not your genuine self 

When is the last time when you can say that you have a good day at work? Has it happened that you do something, say something, or act as if you are a different person? You behave in the way you believe it is expected, but it is not natural for you. It will be a rough day at work if you do not let yourself be free. It is not easy to change that, but you can try. 

At some workplaces, you are encouraged to act, communicate, and dress in a specific way. You cannot change that, but you control your own happiness with that. If you cannot stay positive at work, try to shift your perspectives and make yourself be real at the office. Help others see your personality and like you. Everyone has bad days, but you can express your opinions openly, bring your own cup and decorate your working place, stand up for your defense if needed, and do dozens of other things to show up. Stay both professional and human! 

Do not survive the day! Instead, make your days enjoyable. Be happy back to work day as you spend a huge amount of time working. It would be a disaster to waste it.

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