How to Write a Resume: Practical Tips for Structuring Your Resume
10 August, 2018 in Resumes & Cover Letters

There comes a time in life when you need to find out how to write a resume. Most experts have a resume but still many of them are not boasting around their skills and expertise in order to market themselves. When it comes to writing a resume, you might be an expert professional in your subject area but at the same time wonder how to write a resume effectively. Actually, if you do not know how to compose a top resume, it is not about inadequate qualifications or your being bad at it, it is more about difficulty you are facing when writing about yourself and your achievements. 

According to the popular estimates, a recruiter spends six seconds on average to scan an applicant’s resume and it is enough to decide whether it is worth attention or not. In other words, you have only six seconds to make a lasting impression on your potential employer. More than that, before the resume makes an impression on your employer, it has to pass the control of the recruiting software that chooses resumes depending on keywords and formatting. 

As a professional who may suddenly be told about some mew job position or an opportunity to switch careers, you should know how to write the best resume and, if you already have one, you should know how to modify it so it suits the applied position. 

Usage of Resume Scanning Software

Did you realize that more than 90% of recruiters and HR managers use special software for filtering resumes? Even though you may be surprised or even indignant because of that, this aspect of filtering candidates is completely normal. Companies and especially large corporations receive dozens of resumes each hour, so it is important to filter keywords for resume in order to choose the suitable ones. Thus, this applicant tracking system tests your resume if you apply for a job. 

The ATS (applicant tracking system) scans the resumes for the applicant’s skills and how the expertise and competence matches the requirements of the job position. It also scans the educational background, specific soft skills, location, and other criteria. All in all, it aims at ensuring convenience for giving feedback on resume. You may have perfect qualifications and experience but the system will not register it if your resume is poorly organized and does not have proper keywords. 

Keywords and Proper Formatting Are Essential for Success of Your Application

When you have to send a resume, its layout and structure are decisive for the overall success. Since you need to make an impression on your recruiter in just six seconds, make sure you convey right information from the very beginning. According to tips from our professional resume writer, the resume should contain headings, bullet points sections, bolding, and clearly organized paragraphs. These format variations help your recruiter to skim read the resume. 

Keyword optimization determines whether the resume will pass the ATS. If your resume does not match the position requirements from the beginning, why would you be invited for an interview? The best resume help you can get from our professionals is to think of your qualifications and the taken enough time to properly mold them in words and market yourself. Your competencies and expertise should well resonate with your employer. 

The Role of Objective in Your Resume Revision

If you have a previously written resume but would like to get expert advice on whether it is suitable for the position and properly organized, you can get help from a huge number of resume writing services. Just write, “Please review my resume for me” and professional resume helpers will gladly assist you. When you ask someone to review your resume, remember: it should be an objective feedback. As such, asking to help your friends or relatives with resume review is definitely not a good idea. Usually, a person will be praised by his/her friends or relatives so as not to be offended whatsoever. There are a lot of free resume review services where you can get resume help online from renowned experts. 

These services will let your resume pass the “control” of the ATS software, so it will be immediately evident how successful you are with the choice of keywords and describing core qualifications. Afterwards, you will get personal recommendation on how to make adjust your resume according to the job position.

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