How to Start a Business: Useful Instructions for Beginners
13 July, 2018 in Career Advice

Sometimes, the process of setting up one’s business takes more time than money. If you lack money (or do not have cash at all) to build up your business, it does not mean that you have to cancel your plans and do nothing. Below, there are useful tips on how to start a business following which does not require any funding.

Produce a mission statement. This is a piece of writing declaring your intentions. A worthy mission statement has to be concise, and coherent. It should clearly describe the business customers you are targeted at, the services and goods you are going to provide, and the features that make your business exclusive.

Make a business plan. This is one of the most important stages you need to go through before starting a business. A detailed business plan will help you clearly outline the final outcome. Moreover, it will help other people understand what you are aimed at. Remember that a feasibility study and a business plan are two items lenders desire to deal with.

Carry out a feasibility study. In this way, you will be able to clearly highlight all aspects of your business at the same time giving precise answers to the questions posed by investors. For instance, the study focused on market peculiarities evaluates the competition, identifies available market niches, and helps define potential customers. The study concentrated on technical issues tells how you will manufacture, store, and deliver the offered goods and services. A feasibility study may also address financial issues meaning it states how much money is needed to found a company, where to find reliable financial sources, how to invest wisely, and how to spend money appropriately.

If you are fully aware of the peculiarities of your business, you will not face major problems in raising money for business and launching a business startup.

In case you have limited financial resources, you should take the steps described below to making something up in the business area.

  • Purchase a web domain.

If you currently lack money to develop your own webpage, you should at least create a website holding your business name. Until you make up your mind to launch your website, you do not have to pay for the registration of your domain. In case you intend to set up and develop your website immediately, you will need to pay about $10 each month for hosting.

  • Make business cards.

You will find many companies on the Internet offering to print business cards at reasonable prices.

  • Create a logo for your business.

You will find numerous online companies offering a broad range of services for new businessmen at low prices (as a person who starts a business, you will definitely enjoy it). You will have an opportunity to cooperate with talented writers, designers, employees dealing with social networks, and other creative specialists.

  • Buy self-teaching guides.

If you do not have cash to consult with a lawyer about some business issues, you should buy self-help books. Such publications will help you discover how to raise money for a small business, create a good website, and shed light on other important points concerning business development.

  • Find an experienced tutor.

If you have never run a business before, you should cooperate with a proficient instructor who will help you set up a business. A competent mentor will advise you how to solve the occurred problems and give you some helpful hints on how to avoid difficulties in the future.

  • Register your company name.

Whatever the country you are going to conduct business in is, you will be required to either register your business or get a respective license from local authorities. If you intend to use an untrue business name (something like “Conducting Business As” or simply “CBA”), you may need to place an advertisement in a newspaper a few weeks before establishing your company with such name.

  • Become highly knowledgeable about the peculiarities of running business.

For example, you may take some online classes to find out more about the means of conducting business. By the way, you will be glad to know that many educational institutions provide online courses in business for free.

  • Begin developing social networks today.

The majority of businessmen have their account in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

  • Open a bank account.

In case you are planning to found an e-shop or any other type of online enterprise, you should link your bank account to PayPal or any other payment channel. If you are going to operate on the market as a sole company owner, the earned profits can be put in your bank account. However, people may think that your business is shaky. The best option is to have an independent account for one’s business.


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