How to Make Your Boss Like You: Tips on Effective Communication in the Workplace
25 July, 2018 in Career Advice

Working relationship based on the principles of respect, mutual trust, and productivity is a key to success of any company. It is most likely for a boss to prioritize employment of diligent and hard-working employees who help fulfill the vision and mission of the company, so it is crucial for you to know how to make your boss like you. Besides, it is equally important to employ personalities who are self-sufficient and irreplaceable as cooperation between a boss and employee should be effective and beneficial for a company. 

Establishing a rapport and building mutual trust is of great benefit for an employee. It is worth to improve work relationships with one’s boss on a regular basis as the boss might be the one to help you advance in your career, get new career prospects, and move up the career ladder. In other words, the more your boss knows you in your best light, the more he/ she is likely to reward you in your achievements. 

How to make your boss like you

If you want relationship with your boss be more than “How are you? – Fine, thanks. And you?” then read on the following tips and strategies how to make your boss like you.

Undertake the initiative to launch monthly meetings

At the onset of my career as a businesswoman, it was easy to meet with each employee on average once a day. You would ask why? – Because there were only five employees at the company. Now, as there are approximately twenty employees, it has become hard to meet them face to face and check in how they are doing, how the work is going on, and how the general task project is progressing. In such cases, I deeply value when my employees take the initiative to set up a meeting with me on their own. As such, whenever they have some questions, recommendations or inquiries, or whenever they need a piece of advice, they can meet me individually and discuss these important matters. Such initiatives help me maintain positive relationship with them and maintain strong working relationships as well as I am constantly aware of what is going on with the project. Besides, such initiatives from employees demonstrate that they are interested in their own progress and the progress of the company on the whole. 

If a month has passed and your boss has not announced about a new meeting, do not wait till you cannot cope with the amount of work you have but organize the meeting on your own. Speak with your boss and decide on the time that might be convenient and favorable for both of you. It would be wise to use such meetings to discuss your pending projects and tasks, plan your future activities within the company, present some fresh ideas, and just check whether you are moving in the right direction to meet the strategies as well as goals and objectives of the company. 

Be committed to your work and make sure to meet deadlines

One of the first tips on how to make your boss like you is - always meet deadlines. Delivering tasks and projects on time and on target demonstrates your mastery of time management and proper planning of short-term and long-term goals. Deadlines are crucial to follow as they discipline both employees and the very process of the task completion. Moreover, deadlines ensure the work is being done consistently and smoothly. 

Constant failures to meet deadlines may lead to deterioration of the overall progress of tasks as well to gradual decrease in an employee’s productivity. If an employee regularly meets deadlines, he/ she is known to be reliable and trustworthy in the team. Therefore, strive hard to become a good manager of your time. Read books on time management, learn how to create effective to-do lists, and learn how to properly plan the fulfillment of short-term and long-term goals. 

If there are unexpected cases when you see that you will not be on time with the task, you have to have a talk with your project supervisor or your boss and explain the situation. 

Keep an eye for details

Make sure you maintain attention when involved in any kind of activity. Be as attentive as possible in order not to miss anything important. Work hard to get the reputation of a worker who takes sufficient time to devise a plan, then work it out properly, and revise work after completion. As you always apply such approach towards any type of projects or assignments, your boss will be sure that you can be relied upon in all situations. As such, this is another key to building a better relationship with your boss. 

If you wonder what ways or strategies there are when it comes to paying ample attention to details, they are as follows: 

  1. Writing to-do lists;
  2. Learning how to manage time devoted to your work projects;
  3. Prioritizing your work assignments;
  4. Being attentive enough to strictly follow instructions;
  5. Reviewing and proofreading work after completion;
  6. Double-checking on project formatting/ structure/ organization;
  7. Exploring the trends and making predictions regarding the project success;
  8. Being attentive with calculations;
  9. Developing checklists and using them during work completion.

Collaborating well with your team

Another asset that makes one a good worker is his/ her ability to work well in a team and communicate with co-workers effectively. In many workplaces, bosses value workers who can collaborate well in a team and not only to be able to perform well on their own. As such, to work in a team well, you have to possess such skills and characteristics as follows:

  1. be organized and flexible; 
  2. be aware of different types of temperament;
  3. be well-versed in different working styles of performance; 
  4. be able to communicate well and effectively with different people;
  5. be able to share and explain information;
  6. be able to listen attentively;
  7. be able to make decisions in stressful situations;
  8. respect your boss and other colleagues.

Apart from soft and hard skills you have to possess personally, you should also take active participation in all group meetings and strive to be effective for the team. For example, at times you need to coordinate work of others or actively take part in planning and execution of some project. Besides, it is important to be as cool as cucumber when it comes to problem solving as an efficient team player should be always ready to clarify all issues and avoid acute misunderstandings. Furthermore, what makes a good relationship work is active participation in group meetings and brainstorming ideas for team sessions. 

Demonstrate that you are innovative and initiative

It is a dream of each manager or CEO to have a team full of initiative, productive, and motivated employees. As such, demonstrating your interest and initiative to work will help you connect to your boss. 

If you are working in a company where initiative and creativity are strongly valued, do not be afraid to be the one that volunteers to take the initiative to improve some part of the working process. In case you cannot implement all the initiatives at once, keep a list of the most important and beneficial ones and present them at monthly meetings with your boss. This will enable you to be more involved in communicating with your boss. 

Target for open and free communication

Many employees wonder how to make small talk with your boss when they feel that the option(s) the boss is offering is not the best one. This is a tough and challenging situation where most workers would keep silent and agree with everything the boss says in a fear of making him/ her upset. However, a wise boss would be open to suggestions from his/ her team. It is perfectly okay for an employee to politely state that there can be better ways of solving the situation. Besides, when employees take part in discussion regarding the best way to implement something, it shows that they do not only blindly agree with everything proposed by the boss but also demonstrate they have analytical and critical skills to come up with the best idea or option of doing something. If you feel comfortable even when you disagree on something with your boss, it shows that you can communicate openly enough and are able to establish a strong relationship.

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