How to Make a Resume? An Effective Manual
12 July, 2018 in Resumes & Cover Letters

Why is resume so important? To put it simply, it is a one-two pages’ document that includes the job seeker`s key accomplishments and qualifications. This document should help the applicant to get the job he/she is interested in. Unfortunately, many skilled and knowledgeable people fail because they do not know how to make a resume. In our effective manual, we will share a few important secrets with you explaining what does a good resume look like. We assure you that will our professional assistance you will be able to become a successful resume writer! More than the formal job application, an impressive resume is an instrument of communication between the potential employee and employer. As such, an applicant should present his/her professional accomplishments from the best perspective, as well as show the impressive personal qualities that would make the employer say “I want this person in my team.” As a rule, the hiring manager does not have much time to read the hundreds of resumes. Therefore, to attract his/her attention, your resume should be truly outstanding.

What to Include in a Resume?

A good resume includes everything that the potential employer should know about the applicant. However, the information should be brief and relevant. Undoubtedly, the hiring manager is seeking not only for the relevant qualifications but also for a motivated and enthusiastic person ready to work hard to achieve the company`s goals. All the information should be systemized into several groups: “Education”, “Summary of Qualifications,” as well as “Professional Experience.” Typically, a modern resume also includes:

  • The contact information.

This information is definitely needed so that the recruiters could reach you if they like your resume. 

  • The summary of qualifications.

Be sure to mention the qualifications that are relevant to this specific job advertisement. Do not overburden your resume with the meaningless details since it will only reduce your chances to get the desired job.

  • Education.

This section should include the highest level of education received. It should also include the educational institutions that are relevant for this particular job position. 

  • If it is relevant for this job position, you may also include the information about your computer skills, related coursework, licenses, and additional achievements. 

The unprofessional resume is the one that is not eye-catching and difficult to read. It is also confusing and full of errors and inconsistencies. No doubt, such a resume will get to the trash right away. If you want to learn the procedure of building a better resume, you have to spend a few days looking at the successful resumes written by other people. Downloading the effective resume samples written by other people, you will learn what a good resume should look like. However, remember that your resume is the representation of your personality and you should fill it with the details of your career growth and professional development. We assure you that if you find it difficult to understand what is a resume or what goes on a resume, you should not write down everything that comes to your mind. A brilliant resume is the result of many days of practice, but the job rewarded both mentally and monetarily is definitely worth all these efforts.

How to Make a Resume that will Impress the Demanding Manager?

To be effective and reach its ultimate goals, your resume needs to be clear, concise, as well as easy to read. Should resumes have color? No! Avoid using different colors, fonts, and inconsistent formatting. Moreover, it should be free from any jargon and abbreviations. If you need to use some abbreviation, do not hesitate to explain it.

How to Write a Modern Resume?

Grab your resume (if you have one) and make sure it follows our professional resume tips:

  1. Select the best resume type. Make sure it is relevant to the job advertisement. Undoubtedly, a resume of a nurse is very different from the resume of an IT specialist. As such, make sure your resume fits the position offered. Regarding the desired career and your personal preferences choose one of the targeted, combination, or a functional resume. Each type has the specific features, which you can easily find on Google. 
  2. Do not spend your time choosing the professional colors for resume. Instead, focus your attention on its content. Your professional resume should be clear and eye-catching. Making a low-quality resume will significantly reduce your chances for getting the desired outcome. 
  3. Be consistent. If you want to make your resume look professionally, follow the same formatting style for the entire piece. If you use the bullet points, use them in the whole resume. 
  4. Keep your resume focused. We understand that you have many achievements you want to mention in your professional resume paper. However, telling all of them, you will overburden your paper with the unnecessary information, which will make it less effective. 
  5. Be creative. If you think that the resume is an official piece, in which there is no place for the creative approach, you are wrong. Indeed, it is your creativity that makes you different from the other candidates.
  6. Edit your resume when it is written. Perhaps, to fix all grammar and spelling mistakes and logical inconsistencies, you have to read your resume aloud several times. However, we assure you that this approach is necessary if you want to impress your hiring manager with a brilliant resume.
  7. How many pages should a resume be? It depends on the particular job advertisement and on the information you want to include in it. Typically, it takes not more than one-two pages.
  8. If you want to create a truly powerful resume, but you lack the time or writing skills, consider asking for help a reputed career chancellor or a professional resume writing service. 

In conclusion, we should say that writing a resume can be a truly interesting process. For many people, it is a chance to review the previous accomplishments and outline the future career goals. We do hope that our tips helped you understand how to make a resume that will bring you the desired result. Go ahead and remember that practice makes perfect!


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