How to Find a Job in the New City
6 July, 2018 in Job Search Tips

Figuring out how to find a job once your mind is made up to relocate to a new town or city, or are moving for some other reason, can be quite challenging. Is it best to move before devising a job-finding strategy? Or, would it be better to have a job lined up before relocating? What strategy on how to find a job is best when you are in one location and the positions you seek are in another location?

Deciding When to Begin Searching for a Job 

Where the question of how to find a job when moving location is concerned, there is no single answer as to when is best to start looking. Your financial situation is among the biggest considerations. With no paycheck coming in, will you be able to cover the costs of health insurance and relocation? If it is the case you have savings, it may be easiest to move first, settle in, and start job hunting. Without savings, you probably want to start your job search before moving. And this may leave you wondering how to get a job fast.  

You should additionally take your personal situation into consideration. Do not allow negative thoughts like “I can't find a job” cause you to become despondent. For example, do you know anyone in the place you intend to move to who could let you have a couch or bed? In this case, it may be best to move first and then start looking.  

A further factor in the “best way to find a job” scenario is to think about what type of work you want or are searching for. It can be easier and quicker to get positions at lower levels than at higher levels. Often, people looking for jobs at the mid-career stage or higher up can find the process takes longer. Therefore, it is best to search for a job accordingly while being ready to undertake your search from a distance. Remember that – provided you know how to get an interview - it may be possible to arrange a date for starting a job that allows you time to get moved and settled in.  

Knowing when you will go about the process of finding a job, your next task is working out how you will get yourself hired. The following tips are designed to help you find work if you have decided to relocate.

Ten Excellent Tips for Finding Work in another City

Allow yourself sufficient time

Our first piece of advice on how to find a job in a new city is to emphasize that looking for a job is often not as easy or quick as you might think. Even in the event you have decided to wait a while before starting to search for a job, you should begin organizing your search in advance. Make sure your CV or resume is up-to-date, begin to check out any companies or vacancy listings that interest you, have your references/list of referees at the ready, and make sure your interview clothes are ready for wearing.

Localize your search

The process of finding a job in a new city is something you can target to within a certain radius of a city once you have worked out which city you would like to live/work in. There are advanced job search features you can use to identify possible openings. As well as search engine queries, keep a close eye on Craigslist since new positions are constantly being posted on this site.

Set alerts for new job postings

Whether or not you are having difficulty finding a job, the process can be made easier by signing up to get alerted by email when new positions matching your requirements are added. These alerts can be instigated directly on the websites of big-name employment companies and on job vacancy sites. It means you get an email when a new job has been posted so you can immediately submit an application.   

Be ready to attend interviews

Knowing how to find a job when relocating is challenging enough, so the ability and flexibility to get to interview quickly – especially at a distance - is important. The majority of employers’ interviewing and hiring schedules are tight and many will not wait. If it is the case you are unable to get to a scheduled interview, it is possible your application will not be taken further.  

Relocation packages are not guaranteed

A move can be made very smooth where an employer provides a relocation package. If one of these is included in your remuneration deal, it might meet your moving expenses. You may even find you get help towards leasing or with a deposit for new accommodation. Whether or not you get a relocation package depends on the job you have been hired to do and/or the company that hires you.

Set up an address in your new location

When it comes to getting a job in a new city, an address on a resume and/or cover letter showing an applicant lives locally can contribute to successful selection. Some recruiters and/or employers are reluctant to consider long-distance applicants because of the complex logistics. 

Use any connections you have

Every person you knew or know and the people they are acquainted with might have the potential to assist with your job search. Make it known that you intend to move in order to get leads for jobs and any other useful help, but not too loudly if your current employment has not yet ended. 

Bring your current job along with you

But why is finding a job so hard or do you absolutely have to find a new job? Is your present job one you really love? Taking it along with you may be possible. If you have an employer who loves your work and does not want you to go, it may be they will let you work from home or remotely. 

Ask to be transferred

Clearly, this would not be possible if the organization you work in is small, but a transfer may be possible if you are employed by a large organization. 

Consider taking a seasonal or temporary position

If you have just moved to a new city or are unwilling to wait until you can move, you could always consider the possibility of doing seasonal or temporary work until something more permanent comes along.

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