How to Build an Impressive Cover Letter Sample
12 July, 2018 in Resumes & Cover Letters

It is quite challenging and intimidating to find out what to write in a cover letter. However, this document should not be ignored since it is a particularly important part of your application. Fortunately, by following the simple cover letter tips, you can write a piece that will satisfy the most demanding hiring manager. We assure you that to reach your ultimate goal and be invited to the interview, your cover letter should express the authenticity and enthusiasm. Besides, it should highlight your essential skills and qualifications that are necessary for obtaining this specific position. If you do not know how to write a cover letter for a job, you may download the good cover letter samples and learn some information that can help you create your own letter. Alternatively, you can just keep reading we will explain to you the effective secrets that will make your essay truly brilliant. All in all, by building a cover letter in a proper way, you will definitely reach the desired outcome.

Create a Cover Letter that Will Bring You Success!

Undoubtedly, by starting a cover letter with the clichés, most probably, you will fail. If you feel that your cover letter for job should not start with the banal things such as “Hello, my name is” or “Let me introduce myself,” try one of the techniques mentioned below:

Show Your Enthusiasm towards the Company

If you used the company`s products previously or admire their history, feel free to mention it when writing a cover letter. The most effective cover letter samples say that the employers highly value the enthusiastic and active people since they eventually will grow into the motivated specialists.

Example: “I was so excited to see that you offer the position of the sales manager in your company since I am an active user of your touristic equipment. With my more than seven years’ experience in management, I will be able to organize and coordinate all business processes of your company. Thus, I believe that I am a good fit for this position.”

Emphasize the mutual connection

If one of your previous colleagues recommended this job to you, do not hesitate to mention it in your cover letter. Let the first sentences of your cover letter resume be the instruments of the mutual connection. It will definitely grab the hiring manager`s attention since he/she will want to know who is the person, who recommended this job and why he/she has recommended it. We assure you that a cover letter with referral has more chances to get the desired outcome. Here are some tips on how to do the connection properly:

  1. Show gratitude and excitement;
  2. Avoid using the exaggeration (the best, the greatest);
  3. Keep it brief;
  4. Do not tell too much about that person. Let the recommendation speaks for itself.

Example: “I was excited to learn about this job opportunity from my former colleague, Bill Right. We worked together on the most complex but interesting projects at the ABC Company. He believes I will be a good fit for this position.”

Write something that is worth attention 

Before writing your cover letter for a resume, conduct the in-depth research about the company and it will increase your chances to get the desired job. For instance, if the name of the company figured in the recent news, do not hesitate to mention that in your cover letter for resume. Undoubtedly, by telling this, you may sound a bit insincere, but you can avoid it by mentioning the award that the company has won recently or some recent positive statistics.

Example: “When I read in the Times Magazine about your company, I could not even imagine that I would get the opportunity to apply for a position of a sales manager at such a reputed organization. With my track record in this area, I am sure that I will become a valuable asset in your company.”

Express passion for your work

Indeed, being passionate about the work is the inevitable aspect of succeeding in the workplace. Your task is to show to your potential employer that you are a determined and goal-oriented person, who loves his/her work and ready to dedicate much time and efforts to the company`s development. After all, the hiring managers are searching for the people, who could be the advocates for their professional ethics.

Example: “Starting my blog, I could not even imagine that my writing would attract more than 50K followers in just a few months. Perhaps, my articles are interesting for people. This gives me the faith that I can become an editor in your magazine.”

Be creative

Although your application is not a written contest, you can make your awesome cover letter even better by putting a small portion of humor in your writing. Just remember that all jokes should be appropriate. Be creative. Undoubtedly, the hiring managers do not like reading the long novels, but they will be happy to read something that will grab their attention. 

Example: “It was 2 am. I was totally exhausted and frustrated because my boss asked me to rewrite the transcript of the whole meeting since he just deleted it accidentally from his laptop. Deleted! It! Accidentally! I was so irritated that I could not fall asleep even after I finished everything. The best thing? My boss gave me a day off to compensate my efforts.”

In conclusion, we assure you that writing cover letters can be a truly interesting and fascinating process. We do hope that our cover letter advice will help you create the impressive paper. However, if you do not fully understand how to write a cover letter, you need to find the good cover letter samples and check what should be included in this piece. However, beware of copy pasting something from these letters since it may lead to your failure. To reach its goal, your resume cover letter should be truly creative and authentic!

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