How to Address a Cover Letter?
12 July, 2018 in Resumes & Cover Letters

In order to create good first impression, make sure you learn how to address your cover letter to the correct person. The tone of a cover letter can be established by the correctly selected cover letter salutation. It will show that you are attentive to the slightest details. Moreover, you application to the job will be noticed faster. We offer to your attention useful recommendations on how to address a cover letter. When using them, the hiring manager will definitely pay attention to your CV. 

In Case You Are Aware of the Hiring Manager’s Name

Address directly to the hiring manger. It will help you to establish a sort of personal connection. In case you know the name of the hiring manger but do not know the gender, start you CV with the following: “Dear…” and then write the manager’s name (first name and surname). This option can be used even if you are aware of the gender. For instance: 

  • Dear Ying Jones
  • Dear Sally Collins

When you feel certain about the hiring manager’s gender, you can use Mr. or Ms. It is recommended to avoid writing Ms or Mrs if you don't know their marital status. When you know the manager personally, you can make an exception of course. The title should be followed with hiring manager’s surname. For instance:

  • Dear Ms. Hardy
  • Dear Mr. Murphy

Do not use such greetings as “Hello,” “Hi,” or “Hey” since they are informal and cannot be used in cover letter writing. 

In Case the Contact Holds Professional or Academic Title

There are situations when Mr. or Ms. Salutation has to be replaced with another prefix. For instance, when an individual holds an academic title, like PhD, it is recommended to show respect and address them as “Dr.” following with their surname. You may also encounter with the following professional and academic title:    

  • Prof. (Professor)
  • Rev. (Reverend)
  • Sgt. (Sergeant)

For instance:

  • Prof. McDugal
  • Rev. Harrison
  • Sgt. Ryan

When You Have no Contact Name

When you do not have a contact name, you need to research the name of your hiring manager. When you address your CV to a specific individual, it proves that you have created your cover letter for a specific company. In addition, it demonstrates that you were enthusiastic about learning more information about the particular organization. In order to get to know the name of a hiring manager, read the job listing, conduct a research of expert networking websites and the website of the selected company. You can also google the targeted company. In case the attempts to find the hiring manager’s name fail, you can call the company. You can explain that your aim is to apply for a job and you want addressing a cover letter to the right person. If calling is not an option, you can send an email to the selected company.

If Finding out the Hiring Manager’s Name is Impossible 

When you did everything possible but could not identify the name of a hiring manager, you can still use a generic salutation. Demonstrate that you have conducted a detailed research and read the vacancy description by addressing a cover letter to a company. It is absolutely fine to use the following greetings: “Dear Hiring Manager.” You can also use other types of CV greetings when writing a cover letter to hiring manager or company:

  • Dear Company (indicate its name)
  • Dear (indicate name) Department
  • Dear Customer Support Manager
  • Dear Company (indicate company name) Recruiter
  • To the Supply Department
  • Dear Head of (indicate the department name)

It is recommended not to use the impersonal salutations such as “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To Whom it May Concern.” They are considered to be outdated.

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