Get Hired Today: Advice on How to Prepare for a Job-Seeking Process
6 July, 2018 in Job Search Tips

If you are in the process of job seeking, in this article, you will find everything you need to know about how to get hired today. It is an incontrovertible fact that job search is not fun at all but if you are a better prepared job seeker, you will be more likely to make the job-seeking process less exasperating and stressful. Looking for job is not a kind of education or science and there are a lot of aspects that come by. Still, there are multiple things that a job seeker needs to know before searching for positions in the current job market. 

Use your network

Draw your attention to something that may totally be not controlled by you. More and more positions appear on the job market without being widely advertised. As such, it will be time-consuming and tiresome for you to search for such position if you are unaware how helpful and beneficial networking is in such cases. When job vacancies are not advertised in all media, then a referral will most probably get the job just because the HR department is overly busy, so why not employ or appoint someone who already has an advocate in the given organization or a firm. Thus, it can be concluded that informal hiring also frequently takes place, so if you are looking for work now, keep in mind that you are always doing it. So, whenever you happen to be present at some party, a cookout, a family gathering whatsoever, do not forget to ask your relatives, friends or acquaintances whether they know about some appealing vacancies that may be interesting and suitable to your qualifications and skills. Just tell them, “I am looking for a job. Have you heard of some vacancies or job offerings?” Do not merely rely on old and conventional strategies of looking for a job – get out, participate in different interesting activities, get acquainted with new people, and treat each new gathering as a perfect opportunity for interaction and establishing a rapport with new people. 

Clean up your act on social networking sites

It has become a popular practice among many companies and organizations to look through job candidates’ personal profiles on social media. Frequently, when HR managers are deciding on which applicant to hire or if they have some hesitations regarding a certain candidate, then social media can be real red flag. So, sometimes, the best advice before starting your job-seeking process is to look through your news feed on Facebook or photos posted on Instagram. Many job seekers do a clean-up on social media straight away as they firmly believe that “the big brother is watching you.”

You will have to write perfect resume

Sending out a resume for the company or organization of your choice is a must as you are applying for a job. When composing a resume, keep in mind that standards and requirements towards resumes are changing on a regular basis. So, if you think that you will use your resume written some 5 or 10 years ago and it will suffice for your current application, you are deeply mistaken. Therefore, spend sufficient time and find out how to write strong resume for a specific position. One of the core tips is to make your resume look logical, coherent, and properly structured. As a rule, recruiters and HR managers use online job boards for looking through candidates’ applications, so the visual representation of the resume does not matter less than its content. So, to easily get hired today, make sure that the resume is clearly organized and easy to read. Besides, one should be easily able to find certain information (so, bullet point and spacing between paragraphs are welcome). Do not use versatile font sizes, types, and colors as such “effects” will just distract attention from really important information. 

Keep in mind the ATS

To continue with the theme of composing a resume, take into account the next element, which is keywords. If you come across a tip to read the posting or to use the keywords, the resume advisors do mean it. If the job description says that you need experience with a, b, and c, then it is a requirement that this experience with a, b, and c is a must. Actually, if you send a resume that does not meet the requirements and does not contain specific keywords, then it will simply be rebuffed by a robot. All in all, before composing your resume, make sure that you get a definite answer for a question, “What should I do for a career?”

Concentrate on your achievements and talents

Another piece of advice to take into consideration when working on your resume is that you should provide a list of specific skills, accomplishments, and talents. If you are applying for a position of, let’s say, a nurse or a teacher, some generic list of skills won’t suffice – you will have to indicate such abilities and talents that will make you stand out in a crowd. What special or unique do you have that the HR managers should choose you? What makes you different from the other hundreds of applicants? Ask yourself the following questions and also investigate what skills employers are looking for. 

It’s not personal

If you are asking yourself, “How many jobs should I apply for?”  - We would say, “A lot!” It is easy for a job seeker to get discouraged and disappointed when employers or managers are not replying soon. All you should understand is that it is not personal and it does not have to do anything with you as a person. You may send thousands of resumes and go through hundreds of job interviews but still not get a positive feedback. So, the best way to look for a job is to send your resumes for any vacancy that seems interesting and attractive to you. Usually, it only takes one to get that dreamt job position, and sometimes you need to wait longer to become that one in a specific workplace.

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