Feeling Incompetent In Your Job
6 August, 2018 in Career Advice

There are times when someone may find themselves in a sticky situation where they cannot really get the hang of what others do and what they talk about at the workplace or at some event they are involved in. Have you ever appeared to be one of these people? What was the reason for it? Anyway, it is a thing that is able to impair your current state of mind a little and even cause your losing heart. You need to catch the moment when you feel stupid, define the root of such thoughts to come up with a solution of how to fight this overwhelming feeling. To get rid of the awkwardness, try to keep in mind the following.

  • No one is perfect

It happens often that people struggle with obsessive thoughts occupying their mind and constantly reminding of some kind of confusion that could take place yesterday or a long time ago. We are mostly focused on this very moment, that is why we may ignore the fact of all the effort being made, and concentrate on thoughts like “I’m not good at my job, I feel unintelligent” etc. There’s a point you should realize - it is human to err, and there are no people who live every episode of their life flawlessly. Even if the result you see today is an impeccable personality who always says and does everything to the point, it only confirms that this person has already come a long way to eliminate most of the obsessive thoughts. Put the focus on things you can improve and have an impact on to fill in the blanks of necessary skills and knowledge.

  • Take the constant feeling incompetent at work off your hands

You may come under feeling dumb occasionally, although pay attention so that it didn’t happen too often and didn’t make up all your thoughts. The way you feel doesn’t necessarily coincide with the way people around see you. You’ve got that job, right? It means that the employer has noticed the required traits in you. Don’t allow yourself to underestimate own dignity. It is a lowly craft to assume that you are among the people who are much better than you. It may seem easier said than done, and there’s a chance you can’t stop feeling useless until you have a talk with the chief and ask them to assist you and point out some moments that may possibly need to be taken a new look at. In addition, such a trust relationship will show your supervisor that you are interested in contributing more and performing better at your tasks.

  • One lives and learns

Don’t be ashamed of feeling stupid. It is a normal state, and it is impossible to know absolutely everything. When you express that you are not aware of something, you get an opportunity to discover everything you need. If you don’t reveal the existing incompetence in the workplace, you remain ignorant, naturally. As a matter of fact, it is a kind of a mind game, that is, your subconscious has already got the essence of the deal, but to show your comprehension, you have to divide the portion of information into consistent parts, that is, to analyze the material, and then build up the overall picture, that is, to synthesize it.

  • Maybe, you are too severe upon yourself

So, you’ve decided to refer to the sources that can help you to get out of the state when you feel useless or overwhelmed at work. It already means, that you admit you lack the required understanding. Stop this self-punishment and think for a moment, don’t you set the bar too high? Is it necessary to beat yourself up over the illusionary faults? If you ever feel stupid, get back to the moments when you were proud of the accomplished work or when someone else was proud of you. Let these memories encourage you each time a bad thought sneaks up to you. Recollect your mood, emotions, behavior and strategies used that made for the desired result to develop a kind of pattern that will guide your professional brilliance later on. Don’t you ever lose faith in yourself, it’s never too late to learn and become better.

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