Don’t Get Fired Guide: How to Save Your Position in the Workplace
3 August, 2018 in Career Advice

Being dismissed from a job, even from the one you do not like, does not make much. Each worker should be armed with a don’t get fired guide, which may help them stay afloat in the company before leaving it when they want. 

For most people, getting fired comes as an unexpected thing. However, you should realize that there were definitely signs you were going to get fired but you did not manage to notice. Moreover, do not think that the firing procedure always takes place at times most inconvenient for you (when you move to a new house, need to pay rent, and find money to cover all fees and taxes). You may be bombarding yourself with the same questions over and over again: What have I done wrong? Why am I not valued at work? How could not I notice that I was planned to be fired from work? Actually, the last question will pinpoint to many signs that you have not seen over time. Still, as with many other things in life, you can sometimes understand things only with a benefit of hindsight. 

While being unemployed has its own benefits like sleeping long hours, staying at home the whole day wearing comfy clothes, drinking beer with chips or nuts whenever you want, it has its downsides as well. If it lasts for long, it can be deteriorating for your personality and can even bring you closer to depression. Therefore, to overcome the fear of getting fired and avoid getting in trouble at work, we have composed a don’t get fired guide. Read the signs you’re about to be fired and check on whether you have some of them in your life right now. 

Signs You Are Going to Be Fired:

  • Work has become way easier

It seems suspicious if you have got less work to do. In a prosperous and reputable company, there is always a lot of work to do. Besides, if you are a relatively new worker to the company, you will need to work hard to gain practice, so if you think you have started to get fewer assignments than before, then most probably, your responsibilities and duties have been delegated to someone else. 

As an option, you feel this ‘lack of work” only in your head

Often some employers use some tricky tasks that seem impossible to handle to check out an employee’s creativity and analytical levels. Or your supervisor or boss wants to see whether you can cope with failure or whether you can ask for help. 

  • Your boss establishes meetings with you one-on-one

If you are not suspicious about it and think that your boss likes to communicate with such an open and amicable person, think again. Probably your boss has lost confidence in you and is always checking how well you are doing with your duties. Analyze the times and reasons why your boss asks you to come by.

  • Despite all this, your boss is distant with you

One of the most important things to pay attention to in our don’t get fired guide is to observe your boss’s behavior. If your boss follows every step of yours and controls what you do and how you do or if he/ she starts to ignore you completely – either of these options are not good for you. 

  • Or you feel that your colleagues have become more distant and avoid your company.

The same is true about coworkers. This behavior will speak for them: it is like avoiding playing with an outcast on the sports ground or eating together at the same table at school canteen. The reason for that may be that they have found out you will soon get fired. 

  • You are not invited to important meetings

When you are on the verge of getting fired, your boss does not find it important any more to invite you for some decisive work gatherings. 

  • Your performance feedbacks are unsatisfactory or mediocre

If you notice that you have received more mediocre reviews than ever before, be alert: this is a possible sign of becoming dismissed. So, at this point learn how to avoid getting fired. 

  • You are encouraged to go on vacation

This is one of the most vivid signs that you are not a valuable worker for the company. 

  • Your boss has fired a new person with the same skills and for the same position as yours

Obviously, you will compete with each other to help your boss decide who wins the position. 

  • Your boss deals directly with your subordinates

When at some point your boss starts to interact with your underlings concerning some work assignments, it is a bad sign: you are no longer trusted as a manager or coordinator of a project.

  • Your deadlines have shifted and they coincide with each other

Such a sign signifies that soon this stress is going to end (for better or for worse). Judging from the final deadlines (that coincide with each other), you will be able to predict the potential date of your dismissal.

  • Your flops and mistakes are not critical any more

If you feel that you have made some serious mistake and it was not noticed or you have not seen any reaction from your boss, it means that probably you have made a bigger mistake before that made your boss want to dismiss you. 

  • You get the rumors that the company has financial troubles

When you have accidentally heard that, it means that your job is at stake. Is it better to quit or be fired in this situation? Decide for yourself, but make sure to start looking for a new job while you are still working. 

  • A new boss was introduced to the company

As a rule, the arrival of a new boss signifies reconstruction at work, which may even affect employees. So, be alert.

  • You are often denied promotion or a transfer to a higher position in the job hierarchy

These are the reasons you are not valued as a worker and your boss does not take you into consideration when choosing who will be rewarded. When your boss does not provide you with a proper explanation when you inquire why you were not moved up the career ladder, expect the worst. 

  • You are not given perks and benefits

If you are still sitting in that dark corner of your office while some new workers have already been moved to bigger offices, agree that it seems strange. Besides, if you have never been sent on some business trips abroad (especially if it is a usual thing for your company to provide such perks for workers), then you are not valued. 

  • Your accomplishments are ignored

If you are never praised for what you have done, it may be a sign that you are actually not benefiting the company.

  • You are searching for dismissal signs

If you have found this article and have finished reading it, it means that you are suspecting your dismissal. Sometimes you have to trust your guts, so try to change the situation for the better while you still have time and opportunity to do it. 

  • Look for a new job meanwhile

The best thing you can do not is to start searching for a new place to work. With enough effort and perseverance, you will succeed in it.


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