Career Development Process: Make it Simple for Yourself!
9 July, 2018 in Career Advice

Are you an ambitious and determined person who knows what he wants? Are you dreaming about a career development process? Have a look at ten tips from a Quality Manager at General Motors in China, Shady El Safty on how it can be done. It is evident that successful people have similar patterns of career development and behavior. They admit the fact of heavy competition in the market, analyze the possible strategies to follow for achievements, and take the responsibility for their actions. All of them have a common feature: they are in charge of the career improvement and their growth is their own responsibility.

Shady El Safty has lived in different countries throughout his career and life. When he is asked why he got to a certain country and taken a certain job, he always refers to ten main tips he has for everyone interested in career development process. It is great that he is willing to share them and hopes that they will help you as they have helped him.

1. Work on your dream

All career development tips are related to the personal vision of the future and dreams. A person should have a complete vision without separating personal and professional life. Everybody lives once, and the ambitions and goals determine both the professional and personal spheres of life. It is fine to change the direction of dreams from time to time, but al achievements are based on the existence of this direction. 

One of the ways to improve professional development is to write down the goals, vision, and mission. It is very likely that the plans put down in writing will be realized. It is recommended to have a list of things to stop doing and a statement of a personal mission. One of the secrets of career growth and successful time management is setting three main goals for the day, the week, the month, the quarter, and the year.

2. Believe in yourself

The increase in your skills will be accompanied with your increased experience and better insight into the importance of your work. Your personal career development depends on how strong your belief in your skills, abilities, and commitment is. Moreover, never forget about those who lent you a helping hand along your way to success. 

3. Learn all the time 

Any career development process is grounded on new knowledge and willingness to study more and more. Learn more and update your resume every time you get a new skill. Stay aware of all the advancement and look for every opportunity for knowledge improvement and training. Enjoy reading. Read blogs, articles, books, and whatever needed for your progress. Practice new skills in your current job for your future upgrade. More forward; otherwise, you will be moving backwards.

4. Work on your social skills

Your co-workers and your boss will respect you only if you have excellent interpersonal skills. It is a great reason for improving those skills as they not only improve your current situation but also grant you a lot of opportunities for growth in the future. You should know how to talk to your manager about career development and how to chat with your colleagues. Be likable, outgoing, sociable, and friendly. Learn to listen to people, and communicate effectively.

5. Make your network wider

Attend conferences and trainings to expand your personal network. Join several professional associations and make your career networks larger. Get an insight in your career via meeting different people in your field. Collect more information and gather more contacts. Make sure that you get better opportunities and chances by making more people aware of your professional development skills, abilities and strengths.

6. Get a mentor

Every leader needs mentoring relationships for career guidance and getting more information. According to recent studies, a mentor plays an important role in four out of five professional promotions. A great mentor is the one at the top of a career pyramid, who has achieved the success you are dreaming about.

7. Establish a solid reputation

One of the career advancement tips in business is to have perfect reputation. People should know you as a cooperative, professional, and reliable personality. Deliver speeches, attend trainings, write articles, and do everything in style. Make a recognizable name for yourself.

8. Start selling

You have a lot of development opportunities, now master the self-promotion art. Help the people know about your successful programs, major accomplishments, and aspirations. Address those who have influential positions and can ensure your professional advancement.  They should know that you want to get a promotion.

9. Work on the trust development 

All continuous improvement careers are built on people. It is natural that everybody tries to surround him or herself with reliable people. It takes a lot of effort to build trust, and it is easy to ruin everything. Trust others and behave so that others could see you as a trustworthy person.

10. Pay back

Why is career development important? It makes your life better, but at the same time it can improve the lives of others. Get involved in volunteer work. Use volunteer activities for strong networks and other career tracks. Learn more about the world and about yourself through volunteering and get connected to the community.

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