Blogging as a Hobby: How to Turn Your Favorite Pastime into a Business
12 July, 2018 in Career Advice

Blogging has recently transferred from something more than just a favorite pastime. While some years ago people perceived blogging as a hobby, it has now become a means of making money. Besides, some years ago, having a blog was connected more with expressing your thoughts, feelings or emotions while now it can be used for brand marketing, communicating and interacting with your target readers and winning a larger audience, etc. Regardless of whether you are sharing your recipes of home-made delicacies or telling about your travelling experience, you are involved into blogger career. In this article, we have composed a few tips on how to turn your blog into a business:

  • Decide what you will write about

If you want to switch from blogging as a hobby to blogging as a job, make sure that you decide on the sphere, niche or topic you will write about. When doing that, take into consideration the interests, background, and professional interests of your target audience. Even if you plan to lead a personal blog, make sure you identify a few aspects you would like to highlight. Do not write just about everything. Make sure you decide on a few aspect that evoke the most interest from your readers. Apart from a personal blog, you might also want to lead a career blog. This is a good idea, especially if you are an experienced worker or have something to share with others. 

  • Start your blogging jobs with a personal blog

Personal platforms take up a great niche of the blogging market. Approximately 40% of bloggers who disclose personal information and share interesting photos and facts about themselves do not consider blogging as a hobby but merely as a way of making a profit. In the modern era of technologies, one can turn into money virtually everything. Besides, with hard work and sufficient perseverance, one can turn blogging into a profession. 

  • Market your blog

This step is particularly important for the blog’s success because if you fail to pay sufficient attention to blog marketing, it risks turning into a failure. In such case, you will always have to consider blogging as a hobby. Besides, without effective marketing, you might be defeated by your rivals. Regardless of the topic of your blog, make sure to get attention from readers as soon as you create it. 

One of the basic aspects of free marketing is to share the link to your blog page among friends and acquaintances on social media. This step will invite new people interested in the product, service or information you offer. Make sure you provide ample information and enough facts about yourself and how you decided to be involved in blogging. You may also share a brief story of creating the blog if you want to win trust and support of other people. If you share personal experiences and some personal facts, you might become more popular online and get support of more people. If you share some interesting or emotion-tearing stories, your blog will be probably shared among friends’ friends even more.

  • Tap social media

Blogging belongs to the jobs that involve writing, so do not be mean and use not only free marketing opportunities but also paid ones (if they are available). In case you would maximize the number of your target audience within a short period of time, paid adverts will come in handy. If you would like not only to have writing as a hobby but also as a business, make sure to invest money in it. Any venture is risky as you need to spend money as well as devote your efforts and time. Paid ads will be definitely more effective as your blog will become a radar on different social media. 

Advertising on Facebook is a good way to start spreading information about your blog. Facebook can also help you get information about target scale preferences, target audience, and topics of interest. The information about your audience’s interests will be covered so that the ad appears as a relevant one in the news feed. For example, if your blog is about cooking, the ad will appear in the news feed of those who are involved in cooking or who are simply crazy about cooking. It also increases the chances that people interested in the ad will share it on their own Facebook page.

  • Monitor your success

Once your blog has become quite popular and has obtained its specific audience, you should carefully monitor the process of your blog becoming successful and popular. As you get more and more followers, try to monitor the progress of your blog site. Utilize analyzing software for analyzing the website/ blog performance. Consider using Heap and Kiss metrics. The process of monitoring enables you to employ more advanced marketing strategies in the future. 

  • Communicate with your readers

You should involve in daily sharing and communication with your readers as it is crucial to maintain contact with them. The more you communicate with them, share your personal information, and give them a chance to express themselves, the more followers you will get. Make sure to express gratitude to all those who either showed great interest in your blog or who was commenting your photos really carefully.

  • Mind giving credits

Include some important people in your posts so that your followers would be also able to find some other competition online

  • Frame a community

When you have attained blogging success and have become a noticeable blogger, you can now create a community of your most active followers. Thus, you need to interact with each one of them and give back the kind of support they have demonstrated in regards to you. 

In short, this is how you turn your blogging pastime into a lucrative business. The article also pinpoints that the blog success is totally dependent on the hard work and diligence you pay into the work. If you know someone who is interesting in starting a career in the blogging field, come read this article. 


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