ATS Resume Checker: Improve Your Resume with Adequate Keywords
13 August, 2018 in Resumes & Cover Letters

Will your resume pass the ATS resume checker (e.g., six-second test)? Read on to find out

In the modern competitive and fast-growing job market, it is not surprising that recruiters are limited in time they have for hiring new workers. If you think that the process of hiring merely entails interviews, you are mistaken – the process of hiring starts far earlier: when they need to choose potential candidates on the basis of resumes. Recruiters get multiple of resumes to review each day. To be more productive and effective in it, they utilize the ATS resume checker. 

Studies prove that a recruiter looks through the resume for six seconds only before he/ she decides whether the applicant suits for the position. To put it simply, you have only six seconds to make an impression on your job giver. So, to find out whether your resume will pass the six-second test, make sure to ask yourself whether you often receive responses when you send resumes. 

If you are sending applications to positions you are qualified and experienced in but rarely get replies, then it is time to think carefully what you do wrong and how to write a resume in a more effective way. If you cannot come up with an answer on your own, maybe it is high time to ask professionals to provide a top resume for you. 

Most applications go through an ATS resume checker before they are being forwarded to recruiters for further consideration. If you are looking for a job but do not have an ATS-friendly resume, then your chances of being employed will not be high. 

Moreover, if recruiters contact you regarding vacancies that are not interested for you, then you might have conveyed the wrong message in your resume or have used irrelevant resume buzzwords. A good resume is composed with a dream job in mind. You should not only indicate your desired position at the page header – the entire resume should be organized in a way that can draw attention to your relevant expertise and competencies. 

If you aim for a shift in careers or would like to apply for some new position, make sure your resume is adjusted accordingly. Do not use the same resume for a variety of job vacancies. 

Will Your Resume Pass the Stranger Test?

If you ask a random stranger to look through the top third part of your resume for maximum 30 seconds, can they easily find out about your qualifications and work goals? If the answer is “yes,” your resume will easily pass the check of the ATS resume software. If not, then your resume needs sufficient optimization. 

How to Use Proper Keywords in Your Resume?

Each line of the resume is devoted to a different description of qualifications pertaining to the field of research/ job specification. Special tracking systems aimed for monitoring keywords are used to look for specific keywords and rank your resume according to its effectiveness. On the whole, such software systems are aimed at determining whether you fit for the position. 

To make the resume noticeable and effective, it is crucial to incorporate relevant buzzwords into the text of your resume. If you are unsure which keywords to choose, use the Word Cloud generator. 

Do I Focus on My Achievements?

You might make an impression of an “actor” rather than an “achiever” if your resume is worded in a specific way. This is the thing many employers are trying to notice. So, spend some time closely observing how you describe your former work experience or educational background. Make sure you are focusing on your strengths, achievements, and competencies. If you have troubles with molding all this information into words, you may easily ask some expert resume writer to help you out with that. 

Is My Digital Footprint Matching My Resume?

It is not sufficient to have a terrific resume. Your recruiters or HR managers will also expect to narrate a logical and succinct story about your former work experience, education, and goals concerning your future work. Besides, it has been estimated that more than 90% of recruiters will review your online profiles on social media before they decide to contact you or invite you for an interview.

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