Contrary to the popular opinion, a professional resume does not guarantee you numerous calls from the potential employers. It takes more than a resume to fill a position. This implies you or an employment agency will have to research the labor market for suitable positions.

Many people choose to hire an employment agency perceiving time efficiency as one of the greatest benefits. But if you would actually try to search the web for the employment agency you’d found numerous businesses of this kind with their special and standardized offerings which do not make your task any easier.

We are happy to introduce a Resume Distribution Service to prevent you from the trouble you wish to avoid. All you need to do is to provide the following data:

  • Your desired position
  • Preferable location(-s) of employment (country, state(-s))

Later on the basis of these two criteria we will search for employment agencies that specialize in job placements in the field of your expertise and deal specifically with the employers in your geographic location. It means you tell us only what you need and where you need it and we will help you succeed. Our team of trained professionals uses special software to reach the employment agencies that will assist you at best.

We are also going to provide you the distribution report to see what agencies have received your resume/CV.

Our resume distribution service will save you more than you pay for it. Consider the benefits and apply.