Resumes and CV’s – Your Entry into the World of Work!

It’s a jungle out there” is not simply an old, tired saying.  In today’s economy, this is the harsh truth for those seeking the first employment of their career or for those seeking to make a job or career change.  You think you have what it takes to beat the competition, but a potential employer will not know this, unless your  CV is a unique, creative, and aggressive portrayal of you and your skills.

How many times have you put together a  CV?  Chances are, this is not an annual activity that gives you continually improving skills in this type of written presentation.  When you need one, moreover, you are a bit unsure of the best format to use, among all of the possibilities you will find in books, on internet sites, and among colleagues.

At Marvelousresume, we have an entire team of  CV writers who do nothing else for a living.  As with any other profession, these writers remain current in the types and formats of resumes that employers from various employment areas want to see.  Their research is ongoing, as they continually monitor new and creative ways in which job seekers present themselves.

At a time when potential employers receive hundreds of resumes for each open position, you need one that grabs attention and that succinctly yet creatively presents your background, experience and strengths.  Our professionals can do just that!

Traditionally, resumes focused on a chronological presentation, beginning with the most current position or educational endeavor and working backward.  This may be correct for certain positions but not for others.  In other employment areas, the best resume is a functional one, that is, one that is organized by accomplishments and task responsibilities, rather than employment history.  Still others require a combinations of these two formats.

The other important aspects of a CV are creativity and brevity.  A creative approach grabs the attention of the reader; and no reader wants to pour through lengthy explanations of background or experience.  In short, you need to reduce your information but, at the same time, be certain that all important facets of yourself are highlighted.  This is not any easy task unless you have had a great deal of practice!

When your order your resume or CV from, you will receive a professional writer from your career field.  He or she has vast experience putting these things together in original and creative ways and in highlighting all of the salient features of your background that will allow you to stand out among the others.  The format will be creative; the writing will be compelling; the resume will not end up in the trash can!

Trust the professionals at to create your  CV.  You will provide all of the personal and professional information, maintain communication with your writer throughout, and be provided with drafts for your approval or rejection, until you are fully satisfied with the piece.  Only then does your writer stop working for you!