Your Curriculum Vitae is the Vital First Step!

Marketing yourself to potential employers involves several stages, each of which is critical to securing the career position that matches your education, background experience, and your professional goals.  The market out there is extremely competitive now, and you cannot afford to make even the slightest mis-step in your pursuit.  For this reason, you owe it to yourself to be certain that your CV is as professional and as compelling as possible to a potential employer.

So…you have developed your CV, and you have included all of the salient data relative to your education, your experience, and the specific expertise in your career field.  The question is, will it stand out among the multitude of CV’s that the decision-makers will read?  Will it get you to the next step – the interview? 

If you find yourself second-guessing the quality or impact of your CV, then you owe it to yourself to have it reviewed and edited by professionals who have been in the business of writing and editing CV’s for years.  You need to contact, and let our experts provide a thorough review, suggesting revisions that will make you a much stronger “on paper” candidate!

No matter what the career field, we have CV experts to provide the excellent review you deserve.  They are familiar with the field, they know what the potential employer wants to see, and they have the ability to turn your CV into a document that will have maximum impact on the intended audience.

We Provide the Following:

  • A single assigned editor will first review your CV for structure, grammar, and usage, correcting any errors and/or fluency issues
  • Your editor will then review the entire piece for coherency, style, and structure
  • Suggestions will be made for revisions based upon your career goals or the specific position for which you are an applicant
  • You will be informed throughout the entire process, and nothing will be altered without your express approval

Applications for Post-Graduate Work and/or Fellowships

If you are applying for post-graduate opportunities, whether they are teaching opportunities, internships, residencies, fellowships, etc., the institution to which you are applying will have very specific application requirements.  These usually involve completion of standard applicant materials, personal statements, a CV, and professional letters of recommendation.  You cannot afford mistakes in any of these process steps, and it is the wise candidate who seeks the advice and counsel of those who have the skills to present a candidate in the most favourable light.

Whatever your need, and whatever your goal, contact today.  A free consultation will cost you nothing but a bit of your time, and you will come to realize that there are professionals on our staff who can assist you in whatever applicant process you face!  We have consultants in virtually every field of endeavour who stand ready to present you as the best possible candidate!  We cannot go to the interview with you, but we can guarantee that you will get the interview!